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About us

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KB.MD web studio is a team of IT professionals, which can make sensible any your idea in Internet.

We create sites of any complexity as well as any other software which meets your needs and requirements.

Every client is an individual for us, indifferent if we create a simple site for him or a complex system of document circulation.

When creating a site we use a KB.CMS content management system which is our own research. It gives user a wide choice of modules and considerably reduces work time. Another big advantage of our system is possibility to create today an inexpensive site, and after some time, to complete it with any other new module by needs.

We have a big IT experience, which we use when creating sites for you. Our detailed vision of software development helps us to give you a quick and reasonable answer on your requirements.

KB.MD has developed and continues support of real estate portal. Being appeared for the first time in the beginning of 2006, it is still one of the most visited and used sites for internet users, who search for any kind of real estate in Moldova.

KB.MD can solve any your problem. Just call or write us and we will do our best when working for you.