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General information:

KB.CMS content management system is a modern research of SUBOG SRL company, which allows you to create and manage internet-resources of any complexity: from simple sites to corporative portals and online e-shops.

When creating KB.CMS we have used latest IT technologies and standards, which gave as an effect high productivity and reliability of the system. Another big advantage of KB.CMS system is use of free server applicaions like MySQL and PHP.

For managing site in KB.CMS you don't need to have any knowledge of programming language (like PHP) or markup language (like HTML). Interface is clear and understandable for every user who is common with computer.

Users groups' rights division is done such way, that administrator can give to a user full rights within one module and give part of rights within the other one (for example: user can have full rights in «News» module and no rights to edit and delete in «Menu» module, etc.).

System advantages:
KB.CMS has set of modules with possibility of which is possible to develop sites of different complexity. We will develop any other module, by your needs and meeting your requirements, which can be included in site.

Modules list:
When publishing a site, we give you a ready and full-tested KB.CMS content management system, using which you gain an access for easy adding and editing of any information on your site.


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