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Catalogue of MTD lawn and garden equipment on official distributor in Moldova, OLSOM company, site online shop
Site of "!smarti" computer shop
"ACM Muncesti" company site, which produces and installs metal building and lightweight constructions buildings, non-standard equipment
Our partners site - one of the biggest real estate agency in Chisinau - "Square Meter" company
Site of Designing Institute for Land Planning
Site of building company "Maconst-Prim"
Site for National State Association For Soil Protection.
The main tasks of the Association are to organize and coordinate activities in the area of soil protection, recovery and improving soil productivity
Site for Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre of the Republic of Moldova
Cadastre is united and obligatory system of systematic account and inventories of whole real estate on territory of state with standpoint of quality amounts, legal, in independence from that property inheres in whose possession, as well as presentations them in cadastral plans and cadastral documentation

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